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ReadCred.com for writers

Through ReadCred.com it is easy for you as a writer to make your content available to a large audience. It doesn't matter if you are working with established publishers, work freelance or just have writing as a hobby. On ReadCred.com you can publish, promote and get paid for your content.

ReadCred.com has a number of tools that will help you market your content and make it visible to your audience. Advanced search- and filtering-functions puts your content in front of readers that are interested in the themes you write about. ReadCred.com has tools to leverage the virality of social media, and to make it easy for you to share your content with your own network.

If you write articles that relate to each other, you can create series in ReadCred.com. Then the reader will be guided from one article to the next. She can choose to pay for each article separately or buy the complete series for a reduced price.

You have complete control and ownership of your own content on ReadCred.com. You can update articles when necessary and remove them whenever you want.

If you are not already associated with an established publisher, you can self-publish your content on ReadCred.com. To self-publish on ReadCred.com, register as a publisher below.

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